The activities of the Association

Assofond is organized in order to assist Foundries members either on business problems or on issues of great importance for the industry.

1 — Commercial Assistance

Management of models: assurance, care, destruction, accordance to customer’s design.
General conditions of contracting for European Foundries: validity, effectiveness, use. Commercial uses and usages registered to the Chambers of Commerce (CCIAA). Conditions of purchase of customers: examination of economical and legal aspects. Responsibility of the producer: legal attendance, management of common policy.

People in charge: Paolo Ponzini, Avv. Guglielma Talamo

2 — Company business, market, studies and surveys

Fiscal measures: vat on scraps, tax on energy and waste material, duties on raw material’s import.
Admittance to the facilitated credit to investments: analyses of the best opportunities in order to fund investments.
Public contracts: notification of announcements.
Energies: rates, protection industrial user, rules for the liberalization of the market. Optimization of purchasing contracts and the energetic choices.
Trend analyses: quarterly survey about the trends of the industry.
Statistical service: collection and management of production data, of import and export, at a national, european and world-wide rate and processing of periodical comparisons.
Report on the current state of the industry. Cooperation with the Iron and steel Observatory of the Ministry of the Productive Activities and with Agencies which provides for the protection of the industry.
Analysis of the main costs and process of indexes representing the evolution of the production cost for the different type of castings.

People in charge: dr.ssa Maria Pisanu, Adelaide Rizzi, dr. Giuseppe Di Chiano

3 - Promoting activity

Promotion of the Italian production on foreign markets. Participation to fairs and foreign exhibitions and arrangement of members’ participation.
Organization of customers’ visits in Italy.
Cooperation with ICE offices in many business areas.

People in charge: Laura Siliprandi, dr. Giuseppe Di Chiano

4 - Process, product, environment

Management of packaging and waste disposal.
Occupation healthy and safety conditions, air pollution, acoustic pollution.
Search, trade marks and patents.
General technical regulation.

People in charge: Gualtiero Corelli, Maurizio Borgognoni, Laura Siliprandi

5 - Training activity

Consultancy with companies about the inner training schedule.
Development of the schedule with periodical surveys on the training requirements of companies.
Training schedule 2001/2002 was divided in the following activities:
course for specialist in foundry technology
course for technicians who work in the iron casting foundry
course for technicians who work in the steel foundry
course for technicians who work in the investment casting foundry
course for laboratory technicians
introductory course to the use of Cad-cam systems
marketing and its modern instruments
making and repairing of patterns
course for workers of the Zinc alloys (Zama) diecasting foundry
course for workers of the Aluminium alloys diecasting foundry.

People in charge: Silvano e Luigi Monti

6 - International activity

Participation to the activity of the 10 working Groups and Sections of the Committee of the European Associations of Foundry (CAEF).

People in charge: Paolo Ponzini, Gualtiero Corelli, dr. Giuseppe Di Chiano

7 - Review "Industria Fusoria"

Editing and management of Industria Fusoria, sectorial bimonthly review.

Person in charge: Cinzia Speroni

8 - Information system

It is organized as a main databank which only members can access. The information are divided in the following subjects: News, Circulars, Economic, Environment and Safety, Organization, Occupation, Vocational Training, Regulations, Technical Documentation, S.A.S. Services.

In each of these records the information are subdivided into other subjects. The technical, for instance, is subdivided in: cores, materials, pouring, moulding, heat treatments, finishing, tests, ecology, market, metallurgy, organization, aluminium castings, zinc castings, magnesium castings, castings of other non ferrous alloys.

People in charge: dr. Giuseppe Di Chiano, Adelaide Rizzi, Laura Siliprandi

9 - Services S.A.S.

On demand, S.A.S. can assist Foundries on the following matters:
evaluation of silicosis risk
plan of environmental situation
environmental specific analysis
development of quality systems
measurement of acoustic emissions
measurement of emissions in air
company check up on the observance of the ecological regulation.

People in charge: Gualtiero Corelli, Maurizio Borgognoni, Luigi Monti

10 - Legal advisory

It provide free legal advising to members on specific issues. The lawyer is present in Association’s offices two days a week (in the afternoon), but she can be contacted anytime.

Person in charge: avv. Guglielma Talamo

11 — Purchasing Consortium

Members of Assofond can join Fondercon, consortium to purchase raw materials, and Assofond Energia, consortium to purchase energy.

People in charge: dr. Gianfranco De Bernardinis (Fondercon), Paolo Ponzini (Assofond Energia)

12 - Assistance to the non ferrous metals Foundries

The associated Foundry can take advantage, free of charge, of advising ISML in order to face technical problems with rapidity and to have technical documentation.

Person in charge: dr. Giuseppe Giordano

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