Association's role

Assofond is the Italian Foundries' Association.

Founded in 1948, it is a member of Confindustria (Italian Manufacturers' Association) and its main purpose is to support the industrial foundry sector in its relations with external bodies and agencies, with economic, political and social organizations, either domestic, from the European Community, or international.

To be able to tackle in the most effective way the specific problems of its members, the Association is divided into six production sectors (iron castings for the mechanical, building and transportation manufacturing industries, steel castings, precision castings produced with the lost wax technology and non ferrous metal castings), each of which has great operational autonomy.

An important part of Assofond activities consist in supplying its members with consulting and assistance services, either on general interest items or on specific subjects in the economic, technical, administrative, environmental and legal fields.

With the purpose to promote the industry's activity on foreign markets, Assofond takes part in some of the most important international subcontractor exhibitions, co-operates with ICE. The Association is available to assist customers to find out Foundries, specialized in various productions, through the web site and its search engine.

In the web site data directories, with technical and commercial information about each associated foundry, are available. In the web site is also available a main databank, accessible by password, containing updated information for Foundries.

Vocational training is an important part of Assofond's activity and enable members to continuously improve employees' vocational knowledge. Assofond had entrusted S.A.S.-Società Assofond Servizi- with the assistance to member companies in production systems certification, environmental issues and occupational environment safety.

In order to attain a higher effectiveness in purchasing activity, Fondercon s.r.l., a purchasing consortium, has been operating for a few years. Only members of Assofond Association are allowed to apply for membership of the consortium. With the other European Associations, Assofond founded, and now manages, CAEF (European Committee of Foundry Associations), which has the task to represent the European foundry industry in relations with the European Community and to coordinate the activity among the various domestic associations.

Membership to the Association, pointed out by the presence of Assofond mark on members' documents and products, assures continuous update on the technological evolution and regulations affecting this specific Foundry industry.

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Association's role

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