Assofond in breve

Assofond is the sector’s employers’ association representing Italian foundry firms. In Italy, the sector boasts over 1,000 businesses employing almost 30,000 workers and generating revenue of around 7 billion euro.

Founded in 1948, Assofond is a member of Confindustria, the Italian employers' federation, and is a founding member of the European Foundry Association (CAEF).

The association promotes the competitiveness of Italian foundries and represents the sector in relationships with institutions and economic, political and social bodies domestically and overseas.

In addition, Assofond assists firms in their relations with authorities, communities and the national and local media and provides support in the following areas: administrative, commercial, economic, tax-related, regulatory, technical, environmental and workplace health and safety.

The Assofond Energia consortium, which all foundry members can join, belongs to Assofond. The consortium aggregates demand for electric and gas energy, acquires supply for all its members at particularly favourable market rates and manages the relationship with suppliers and load shedding.