Careers in Metalcasting

Working in a modern foundry means dealing with cutting-edge technology in an industry that brings together tradition and innovation. Foundries apply the latest technology to an ancient production process, thanks to which products are made by recovering and recycling scrap metal from the demolition of end-of-life goods. The complexity of the foundry process involves many professionals and skills and offers many opportunities for qualified work.

In the technical offices, engineers and technologists work on process optimisation, while metallurgists with their skills in chemistry, physics and materials science are indispensable to create products that meet the needs of the clients.

Laboratory technicians are entrusted with the quality controls along the various stages of the manufacture of a casting - starting with the raw materials - and the compliance of the final product from the chemical, dimensional and performance point of view.

The 4.0 revolution has also brought to the foundry an increasing need for IT technicians, whose skills are needed to manage the highly automated systems that characterize all phases of the production process.

Mechanization and computerization also require increasingly higher skills and specializations: maintenance technicians must have mechanical, electrical and electronic skills, while in the moulding phase the traditional processes that used natural earth have been replaced by complex processes, in which chemistry plays a fundamental role, and which are crucial for the realization of complex castings with a strong attention to the environmental sustainability of the products.

Culture and specialization, technological innovation and applied scientific research: this is the world of modern Italian foundries, which offer job opportunities and professional growth in a dynamic and future-oriented environment.