Tra industria e artigianato

Just imagine that one morning you no longer have your car to get to work. Or that you don’t have your favourite biscuits for breakfast. Or that you don’t have running water at home. All very different situations, but with one thing in common – they could all happen if foundries were to disappear suddenly.

Foundries produce essential components to make cars, the agricultural machinery needed to plant crops in food-producing fields, hydraulic pumps, wind and hydroelectric plants, jet engines for planes and much more.

Almost all the Italian foundries are SMEs that represent a perfect example of industrial craftsmanship. The foundry process has, in fact, remained unchanged for centuries in its principles, but today it is carried out by applying advanced technologies in modern plants, which make it possible to manufacture products that are often very complex.

Every day, foundries see innovation taking shape through research and collaboration. All thanks to the work of highly-specialised professionals using casting technology to create items whose mechanical and technical properties meet the very highest standards of construction materials.

Every day, foundries produce innovative, sustainable, technically advanced and valuable products.

Every day, foundries build the very heart of everything.