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Raw materials updates

Raw Material Extra Charge: March 2021 line (7), April line (8) (maximum price last C.C.I.A.A. reporting  2nd April 2021)

The “Raw Material Extra Charge” is processed on the base of the data coming from “Chamber of Commerce of Milan – C.C.I.A.A.-“ and the values are in euro/ton. The index is related to different kind...

Table 5bis (Raw materials + Coke): March 2021 line (7), April line (8) (maximum prices last C.C.I.A.A. reporting 2 nd April 2021)

The index table 5bis is a conventionally defined basket which among the elements of the metal charge (pig iron and scrap) includes foundry coke. The starting point is the monthly values of line (7)...

Valori degli elementi extra di lega - marzo 2021

Quotazioni delle principali materie prime che concorrono al computo dell’extra lega nei getti di acciaio, microfusi e ghise speciali

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